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Make your kid a leader with Captaincy! 


Special World Cup Victory Offer! 

Enroll Today for Just ₹999 ₹1,999!

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Why Leadership Skills in School? Let’s Talk Facts

Research shows early leadership skills set kids up for a lifetime of success. But most schools don’t offer any training 


That's where Captaincy comes in.

It’s not just a course; it’s a game-changer for your kid !

Introducing Captaincy : More Than Just a Course

Imagine your child learning from the life lessons of Obama, Steve Jobs, and Rohit Sharma. 

Cool, right? 


In just 10 minutes a day, Captaincy brings these leadership giants into your mobile phone. Our experienced trainer packs a punch in each lesson, making leadership learning fun and impactful!


What Makes Captaincy the Talk of the Town?

Backed by Science 

Yep, we’ve done our homework! This course is built on solid research.

Lessons from Legends

Insights from world-renowned leaders, all in bite-sized lessons.

Easy-Peasy Learning

Recorded sessions mean your child can learn anytime, anywhere!

Super Saver Deal

Quality learning at a pocket-friendly price. Now that’s a steal!

Hear It from Our Happy Parent Squad!

Ajit Thakur

"Ever since my son started Captaincy, he’s like a mini-CEO of his friend circle. Talk about a confidence boost!"

Mrunalini Deb

"My little girl now leads her school projects like a boss. Captaincy, you rock!"

Sudha Kasturi

"I was on the fence, but wow, did Captaincy deliver! My kiddo is now the problem-solver of his class."

Ready to Enroll?
It’s Super Easy!

Be part of the smart parent circle. 

Gift your child the Captaincy course and watch them transform into confident leaders.


Grab the Offer While It Lasts!

This special price is our high-five for India's cricket win!

Secure your child's spot in Captaincy at this fabulous price before the party's over!

Just So You Know...

- This awesome offer is ticking! Valid until 30 Nov. 2023

- Instant access post-enrollment. Jump right in!

- Love it or your money back within 7 days. No fuss, no muss!

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