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We aren't Byju's

We aren't like any other edtech company. We aren't like any other school. We are an online education platform from the future.

White Silk
White Structure

Who are we 

We're parents. We're educators. We're futurists.

And we're concerned. That we're relying on

yesterday's education to

guarantee our kids' future.

Hence Ekluvya.

Who are we for

We're for parents. We're for kids. We're for the future

Schools can only do so much

The future is looking for kids

with skills of the future.

Hence Ekluvya.

Science and Technology Class

Learn skills 
not taught
in schools. Yet

Winning Habits
Mega Memory
Rich and how
Shy No More
Quick Learning
Critical Thinking
Happiness Factory
Keep Calm
Draw Notes
Flat Round Elements

made simple

Distance Learning


Watch a

10-min video



Consistently watch

1 video every day



Gain that skill

in just 30 days

Aditi Kamble

"I hadn't heard of Ekluvya. So I was a little doubtful at first. But Diya's memory has improved by leaps and bounds now. Glad I trusted them."

Suresh Subramaniam

"I liked how Kiran ma'am designed the course for young kids who can't stay calm. Dhruv is able to focus now. All thanks to Ekluvya"

Dipayan Mukherjee

"A.I can take over the world but to be successful, Mukul needs to develop success habits. I'm glad Ekluvya thought of this course."
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