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  • Why should I consider this course ? What purpose does it serve ?
    The future will be driven by A.I. It will do a lot of tasks better than us. Jobs will be drastically cut. A lot of humans will vie for very few jobs. What will set them apart is soft skills. Like learning a new software platform quicker than others. Like keeping a calm mind, during stressful phases. Like taking critical decisions. Like developing winning habits. Like leading a team. Like getting wealthy. According to Neuroscience, it's easier to learn these skills as a kid. As an adult, it will be doubly hard.
  • How will it help the below-average kid ?
    Unfortunately, in the skills we are offering, almost all kids are way below-average. So we designed the course to help the low achievers get better.
  • Is the training 'live 1-to-1' ?
    We would love for the course to be live and 1 to 1. Unfortunately, the number of teachers for this skill is so abysmally low that 1 to 1 is not logistically possible. The course is recorded.
  • How has the course been developed ?
    All the courses have been developed by domain experts. Hundreds of books have been referred to in the process. What you get in the video is the gist of some of the best literature out there. We have saved you the trouble of scouring through the sea of knowledge out there.
  • Why is each video 10 mins only?
    Two reasons : One : The attention span of humans is shortening. Especially in topics where they don't see any immediate benefit. We know that the skills we are training the kids in is not something they have always wanted to do. It will certainly help them, but they don't know it yet. Shorter videos are more impactful. Two : We know kids go to school. We know they like to play. We are sure most parents also put them through music classes, art classes etc. We don't want to burden them with 'yet another' thing to do. 10 mins doesn't sound like a tough thing to accommodate in their busy schedules. So 10 mins.
  • Is there a guarantee that they will improve in 30 days ?
    Look, it's like joining a gym. The mere act of joining won't give us a 6-pack. The kid will have to work at it, consistently every day. With kids who have been at it, like a daily habit, we have seen a marked improvement. So that's all we ask of parents. Just make them watch it everyday. And yes, practice.
  • Will your videos be entertaining ?
    We don't think so. We have tried to make them engaging. But at the end of the day, it's learning a new skill. It isn't a video game or a new Spiderman movie.
  • Will you award a Certificate ?
    Certificates are the simplest to print. But we don't believe kids should learn the skill - for certificates. These skills offer them a huge advantage over other kids. Also, some of these skills, like Happiness, Captaincy, Calmness can't be tested. If you still insist on a certificate, please let us know - we'll see what we can do.
  • How good is the trainer's English ?
    Here's a fact. The number of tutors for this skill is so minuscule that filtering them on the basis of their command in English isn't possible. Let's look at it like this : An art teacher is there to teach you art. Not English. It's like Sachin Tendulkar not training under his coach Ramakant Achrekar because of his English. Please encourage your kids to learn the skill, while ignoring the English.
  • Will my kid be a pro at this skill, by the end of this course ?
    No. It's the start of a journey. No great skill can be acquired in 30 days. But they will undoubtedly become much better at the skill after 30 days. They will be better at it than most of their peers. If they are interested, they could pursue the skill all their life and keep getting better.
  • I want my kid to get off-mobile. Is there an offline option ?
    You'll find this answer a lot in the FAQs section - there are very few tutors for this skill currently. Believe us, we don't like online learning either. But the only option we have is online. So the choice is between not letting your kid acquire this superpower by keeping him away from screens vis-a-vis restricting his screen time to just 10 mins on our app and figure out a way to ration screen time elsewhere. Sorry.
  • How costly are your courses ?
    We want to make our courses extremely accessible to everyone. So here's the deal - None of our courses would ever require you to take a loan. None of them would be big enough for an EMI. We will do our best to price it as a competitor to a family dinner or a movie night at a multiplex.
  • When will my course expire ?
    Never. Once bought, it's yours for life. Your other kid could also access the same course, as long as the device remains the same. We can't be any more nicer.
  • Can I gift your courses to another kid ?
    Why not ? It's like gifting a kid a book. Except, ours won't come with a gift wrap. So Books 1, Ekluvya 0.
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