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Kids need to understand what the teacher is saying in English.
They need to read books, write their exams in English.
Crack interviews.

English is the very foundation of a great career !

Baby Steps – The most fun and effortless way, for 6-8 year olds, to learn English

Learning Made Fun: A World of Lovable Puppets!

Forget boring textbooks and lectures! Baby Steps whisks your child away on an enchanting puppet show adventure where learning feels like playtime.

Look at this classroom !

Here's the secret :

While the kids are having a blast, they'll be secretly absorbing essential English skills through play and laughter!

Why start young?
The Science Behind Baby Steps

Did you know? Children have a unique brain advantage when it comes to language learning.

Language Absorption Powerhouse

Young children are like linguistic sponges, effortlessly absorbing sounds, grammar, and vocabulary. The earlier they begin, the easier it becomes to learn and speak English fluently.

Effortless Learning

Young children learn best through play and interaction. Baby Steps' engaging puppet show format taps into this natural way of learning, making English acquisition fun and effortless.

Critical Learning Window

Studies show there's a prime window for language acquisition in early childhood. Baby Steps helps your child capitalize on this crucial time, giving them a head start that benefits them for years to come.

Confidence Boost

By starting young, your child will develop a strong foundation in English, fostering confidence in their abilities and a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

 Happy Parents, Happy Kids:
What parents are saying about Baby Steps! 

Padma Reddy, Visakhapatnam

“I was worried about my son Rohan's English in school. He just wasn't keeping up. But since starting Baby Steps, his confidence has soared! He loves the puppet characters and begs to 'play' every day. Now he uses new words all the time, and his pronunciation is getting much clearer. Thank you, Baby Steps!"

Vikram Goud,


"My daughter, Aisha, is naturally shy. I was hesitant about an app at first, but Baby Steps has been amazing! She interacts with the puppets so much, and it's really helped her come out of her shell. Plus, her English skills have improved dramatically. We're so happy we found Baby Steps!"

Anjali and Rahul Rao, Hyderabad

Indian Couple
“We love that Baby Steps makes learning English so fun! Our son, Akash, used to dread English lessons at school. Now, he can't wait to see what adventures Unni and the gang will have next. We've seen a huge difference in his English vocabulary and his overall confidence. Baby Steps is a lifesaver!”

"My child already goes to an English medium school, isn't that enough?"

Valid, but :

The quality of English instruction can vary greatly between schools.

What if your child ends up with a teacher
who isn't confident in their own English?
Are you willing to leave their future to chance?

Don't gamble with your child's education!

Baby Steps offers a reliable and consistent way for your child to learn English, regardless of their school environment.

Limited-Time Launch Offer: Unlock Big Savings!

Course Fee

Rs. 5,999/- per year

Rs. 4,999/- per year

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